Monday, January 18, 2010

honoring sundays

notebook passage 434
FongYuan park
January 2010

Hide and seekers roam the tranquil hill garden in which i have chosen to do my sunday afternoon basking. the incoherent mandarin playground murmur and distant siren wails serve as today's soundtrack. this is a warm sun today. much appreciated. butterflies flutter by as ants tickle their way across exposed forearm. one of the finest things about writing is the ability to allow pleasant idleness to segway into brief dozing periods. you can come back to the pen without feeling the least bit guilty. a young lad proclaims himself king of the 3 foot mountain until older sister wants a piece of glory. the pure bliss in having no undesirable future concerns or regretful thoughts is unparallelled. this is where true peace of mind begins its development or finds itself again. on cue, i have suddenly become the backstop for a pickup game of youth baseball. the bees and trees whisper that it's time to roam. nature has a clever way of offering these heads-up signals. i go.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

coffe shop observations

notebook passage 113
august 2009
starbucks patio, taipei

we sit camped beneath sun-devouring umbrellas. drinks drippingly melt as passers-by offer, return, break a shared stare. going somewhere, some going where? sunday urgency dictates the walking pace of most. sobriety is a common weekend waking theme. business exchanges and map consulting surround my circular work station. pink personal umbrellas are working hard this afternoon. 101's celebrity status grows with more camera flashes. young women pass, hand in hand. a positively warm sunday.

notebook passage 237
November 2009
outdoor cafe, Fong Yuan

the intersections is flanked with fried chicken and fruit juice stalls. echoing its friendly yet relentless tune againt apartment windows is the daily garbage patrol. plastic bags devoured, it continues on after a momentary, non-melodious pause. seemingly no different than a stop by this town's residents into their beverage shop of chice. headphones drop, brakes are pressed, good and currency exchange hands. a split second of absorbing one's surroundings. receipt is grabbed and this vehicle sculpted in human form carries on in its mindless, unwavering pace.

Monday, January 4, 2010

new with the old

"to look forward, one must look back."-author, me.

this makes very little sense the more i look at it. but figured quoting myself is a good way to establish andy lovley in the proverbial community. giving lao tzu a run for his money might be one of my more ambitious new year's resolutions but i like to start decades in style. also, in accordance with the prophecy-excuse me, proverb, i decided to spend the next week bringing the passing thoughts i often jot down in my all-purpose notebook to the blogosphere.

here goes.

notebook passage 371
late july 2009.
long island-massachusetts drive home from a family wedding.

music on a backseat misadventure changes everything. wrinkled formal-wear worn through the previous night positioned to my right. bottle of wine and banana to my left. a boat tugs through the river below. and then it's gone. next. a lake grasping whatever sunlight it can from an overcast afternoon onto its still surface. roadside trees see the most and are seen the least. perhaps they like it that way. blur is the common theme. first rail, then sign, then abandoned diner.

notebook passage 616
october 2009
park bench musings

it is quite simple to see how contagious a continuous smile can become. what keeps us from not naturally carrying one as a daily routine? children, the younger they are, seem to be society's only natural possessor and initiator of the smile. one may wonder if we are all possibly that neutral with our feelings? or is it instead a fear of expressing such emotions and possibly appearing quite insane? society will classify a constant smile as "mad" (which makes one wonder about the decision to equate lunacy with angry rage--if anything, many of those suffering from mental disorders appear to be quite pleased with their current state of mind). this method of thinking seems backwards in itself and speaks more to the glorification of widespread social misery and unsatisfaction. comfort zones may certainly need some readjusting, but i'll be opting to forgo grinning and bearing it and spend my time grinning and sharing it.