Thursday, October 15, 2009

caps are wack

i started jotting down a few bizarre memories down from today and in the midst of doing so i sighed, remembering that i was going to have to go back and fix all these dotted i's and the lowercased t's in taiwan. but why? school essays are gone just as cursive writing disappeared from the scene once high school hit. so that's it, its official. at least as far as blogs go. no more punctuation. well, goodbye capitalization at the very least. now, caps will be used solely for thoughts of extreme importance, whims, distress signals, and eye catching brainwashers.

names, places, companies. what makes these so utterly important to require the capital letter to introduce the word? words are words and they are undoubtedly essential for a society that values written communication to function. however, saluting some of these disturbing dictators and ghastly places with increased letter size seems belittling to terms like peace, justice, and mac and cheese. curiosity is aroused when our lettering may silently point to things of supposed societal value. most notable is the glaring letter/word/self indulgent I. where are the You's, We's, or They's? golden rules and strength in numbers apparently need not apply to any aspect of english composed by pen or key. also the beginning of sentence capitalization? i am capable of distinguishing between the dot of a period and the comma's curvy figure or a well placed colon. and i'm not pushing for random capitals here, there, and everywhere similar to the poet whose name i'm failing to recall (cc something?) i'd say only when the situation needs attention called to NEPHALISM or TROMBONES i caps lock it up. however, period demarcation is a must. as a teacher, i've spent days pouring through student papers, wildly perioding a breathless forty seven word sentence.

and after all this, if you are fortunate enough to be a text message recipient of me in taiwan on my current twenty dollar cell phone, you'd be calling capital attention to the fact that the entirety of my texts are sent in the taller fashion. why you ask? well this may also be the underlying reason behind this newfound selective punctuation push. laze e. my cell is stuck in capital mode for whatever reason and i'm completely fine with any person receiving texts from me to be taken aback from the oppressive scream i am offering up. a quick look at how capital letters change things dramatically--a simple invitation to a meeting at my place (come over) turns into full on creep and desperation mode when i send you (COME OVER). throw one of those icon winks at the end and i've absolutely lost a friend for good. i suppose i could say it gives added importance to my message. (just trying to be taken seriously here) also, dropping that right or left pinky down to the shift key just kills my buzz, bro. no more. it's not like i use these heightened letters during my chit chat sessions to facebook friends online. it takes me back to the days of AIM or googlechat or MSN when mom and dad finally get on the scene and begin window boxes of communication with a: Dear Andrew. if they can advance, i very much can along with them. i guess i can't call this a rant, more so a declaration of distaste and a discovery of the way forward. smaller fingers may fatten as a result, but gosh it feels good to be free.

p.s. it's october fifteenth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD.

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