Saturday, December 19, 2009

ode to the quake

need an evening jolt? head to starbucks. currently serving seasonal favorites rasberry mocha, hazelnut latte, and 6.8 tremors. that was the situation this evening as i settled in for a hot cup of bitterness that usually is a pivotal sparkplug to me introducing pen to paper. i've experienced these babies before so i wasn't completely taken off guard, but i was amazed at the reaction by those around me. these were taiwanese, who usually brush off earthquakes like february mosquitos. however, shoppers were bolting for sliding glass doors and shrieking behind clothing racks as the building wavered. a solid half minute came and went and then normalcy returned. a few nervous giggles were shared and people continued on their way.

i could leave things at that, but, for some reason, during the whole commotion my eyes could not stray from the tall, determined coffee barista sporting wavy red locks. she did not flinch. not once. while her coffee brethren were clutching roasters for support or preparing to hop a counter and flee to the hills, she maintained her brewing of a previous order WHILE punching in the request of a dazed customer. this young lady either has nerves of steel or was presently sampling a tripledose of vicadin. i was impressed, awed, bewidldered, and slightly aroused. so much so that i wrote her a poem.

where were you barista two
when walls began to shake
women shrieked and coffee shuffled
symptoms of a quake

you did not duck
you did not hide
you did not fling
apron aside

while you were brewing coffee
like an other-worldly champ
i was slowly noticing
my boxers growing damp

i'd like to tell sir starbucks
about your dedication
i've only seen that sort of calm
on those on medication

i credit you barista two
this was no doubt exciting
i'd like to have the recipe
what coffee wave you riding?

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